March 25, 2019

23/03/2015 Agreement NS ECO-PILE Technology Transfer


On morning 23rd March 2015 at Hanoi, Thang Long Construction Joint Stock Corporation (TLC) and Nippon Steel Corporation agree to sign agreement for technology transfer of screwed pile, NS–ECO PILE.  Vice Minister of Ministry of Transportation, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dong joined and had a speech.
Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dong suggests TLC need to increase searching & study new applied technologies to reduce cost of products.
Speeches at this event, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dong appreciate TLC and Nippon Steel Corporation in increasing of science technology cooperation.
When improve market economy, especial transport infrastructure is special cared of by Community and Government. MOT has established a strategy of Transportation development of railway, inner waterway, seaway, highway and aviation, and they are approved by Government.  Among them, develop planning is emphasized, directly go to modern technology of the world in development of transport infrastructure.
About development of science technology, MOT has approved the planning of science technology development up to 2020 and vision to year 2030. Through monitoring, for 10 years over, Viet Nam has applied successful many innovated technique to reality of transportation projects such as Soft soil improvement, foundation of bridge and road, etc. In near future, MOT will continue push to improve new global technology more and apply into development of transport infrastructure, typical sample as screwed pile NS–ECO PILE.
TLC is one of big construction company in field of transport infrastructure construction, pioneer in apply new technology. The agreement for this technology transfer today will be used in real soon. Next time, MOT will assign subsidiary company to evaluate and establish an outline norm of cost for application in Viet Nam.
As speech of Mr. Vu Hong Phuong – General Director of TLC, in recent days, TLC has applied many new world class technology into bridge projects construction such as Prestressed reinforcement concrete construction technology with huge spans, PC girder beam large-span super T, etc. They are processed successful in many projects such as Thanh Tri bridge, Vinh Tuy bridge, Kien bridge, Pa Uan bridge, and so on. So they contribute to bring high economic effect for Owner and TLC.
Mr. Vu Hồng Phương – General Director of TLC suggest MOT made good conditions for TLC can apply this screwed pile technology into reality soon.
Cooperation with foreigner in technology transferring is an important oriental, and is a major duty in strategy of development of TLC, and they can learn experiences from partners, distribute to reduce cost of products, can compete with other, and bring effective economy to Owner, also keep works operation stable.
VIPs sign the agreement and hand shaking
The screwed NS–ECO PILE is a Steel Pipe Pile which weld helical blade at pile tip, enable construction smoothly, made high bearing capacity, and have large anti-pull out strength. Through construction procedure, main equipment rotate pile together with blade to dig and drive  pile into earth ground like screw stud into wood. NS-ECO PILE have dimensions of pile is 400~1,600mm and wall thickness is 6~25.4mm, diameter of blade is from 1.5 to 2.0 time of pipe pile, and maximum is 2,400mm, maximum depth of pile is 70m; NS-ECO PILE have bearing capacity larger than Bored pile due to helical blade welded at pile tip.
Besides, the advantages of NS-ECO PILE is ability of narrow area, require width of this screwed pile is only 8~10m in case of casing rotator and 6m in case of using leader machine. While using Bored pile, the requirement width is over 20m.
Moreover, this technology reduces noise, low vibration, not pollute environment, no surplus waste soil, not impact to underground water, decrease construction vehicles, can be rapid constructed, so give high economic effective for projects and friendly environment. Now NS-ECO PILE can be manufactured at Vietnam, so cost can be reduce.
tt-4Representative of Nippon Steel Engineering introduce screwed pile NS-ECO Pile to attendance
As Mr. Fukumura from Nippon Steel Corporation, Screwed pile is the top modern technology of the world nowadays in construction of transportation works. Now in Japan, this technique is widely used as pile foundation for flyovers, viaducts, and foundation for expressway in big urban cities.

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