April 7, 2019

Lach Huyen Port Insfrastructure Construction project (Road & Bridge portion)

Lach Huyen

Lach Huyen

Product: Steel pipe pile, Steel pipe sheet pile with coating

Location: Foundation of main bridge and approach bridge

Specifications: JIS A5525 SKK400, JIS A5530 SKY400 & SKY3490; coating for anti-negative friction (SL coating)


  • SPP Ø800mm x t12mm x L36.0m / L41.0m
  • SPP Ø1.100mm x t12mm x L37.0m ~ L49.0m
  • SPSP Ø1.200mm x t14mm x L12.0m ~ L24.5m (SKY400)
  • SPSP Ø1.200mm x t16mm x L21.0m (SKY490)
  • SPSP Ø1.200mm x t19mm x L11.0m ~ L14.5m (SKY490)

Project of Tan Vu – Lach Huyen car route at Hai Phong city is used loans of Japanese ODA fund (STEP style) and counter asset of Vietnamese government.

Total length of route is 15.63km, including three (3) following major component packages:

  • Side of Hai An: from Tan Vu intersection to west abutment of approach bridge L=4.50km, contents embankment of Cam river and Dinh Vu intersection.
  • Main bridge: length of 5,442.9m, insist of west approach bridge (Hai An side L=4,433.7m), main bridge L=490,0m and east approach bridge (Cat Hai side L=519.2m).
  • Side of Cat Hai: from east abutment of east approach bridge to end point of project with total length of 5.69km, including road parts with one (1) of civil box culvert, four (4) waterway box culvert and 1,100m length of slope (use mortar filled stone masonry).