March 25, 2019

Mombasa Container Terminal, Kenya (Africa)



– Project name: Mombasa Container Terminal, Kenya (Africa)

– Characteristic & Specification:  JIS A5525, SKK490

– Dimensions:

  • Ø900mm x t9mm x t15mm x L51.0m
  • Ø800mm x t9mm x t15mm x L46.5m
  • Ø800mm x t12mm x t15mm x L40.0m
  • Ø700mm x t12mm x L40.0m x L26.0m

Mombasa port is carried out with loan of Japanese government via the Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) and required high Japanese technology of port construction.

The project was constructed by TOYO CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD with application of Heavy-Duty coating「NS-PAC」has been suggested by NIPPON STEEL CORP. to be applied for portion of product where it will be protected from a serious corrosive environment.