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March 28, 2019

Motto of quality, environment, health and safety

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Smile makes NPV happy!

Philosophy in NPV is “bringing joy to users, bringing hope to dealers, with pride of producer”. And NPV certified operational Moto is “Transparency – Fairness – Integrity”.

To implement and apply this philosophy specifically into practice, the company determines QUALITY ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH AND SAFETY motto; NPV company tries it’s utmost to achieve confidence of Social & clients from the strict implementation for the provisions of law in all activities as well as requirements of stakeholders, continual improvement of management system as well as the achieved results.


  • Contribute to the development of social infrastructure by producing and providing products that are loved and trusted by customers.
  • Build a company that focuses on training people, creating senses of safety and happiness for employees.
  • Create a law-obeying environment that is loved by everyone in the community.

1. Safety and health policy (ISO 45001)

[No work accident; no traffic accident; and maintaining health]

  1. No employee being on leave due to work accident or long-term absences due to occupational illness.
  2. Learn and comply with latest laws, and regulations related to occupational safety and occupational health; absolutely follow rules to prevent accident from occurring.
  3. Find and evaluate risks and quickly control them to an acceptable level. Target to no risk with long-term measures.
  4. Comply with traffic rules, remember past accidents, and predict danger to prevent traffic accident when commuting to work as well as in days off. Never drink and drive.

2. Environmental policy (ISO14001)

[Maintenance of local environment; legal compliance; and reduction of environmental impact]

  1. Each and every one of us strive to maintain the beautiful environment of country and area.
  2. Comply with current laws and rules related to environment such as garbage separation, as well as company regulations.
  3. Efforts to reduce substances that affect environment as well as reduce consumption of energy and resources.
  4. Monitor properties of wastewater and waste discharged outside company, and pay attention to confirming treatment status until final stages.
  5. Monitor contractors’ equipment to ensure it does not affect environment.

3. Quality Policy (ISO9001)

[Customer satisfaction; compliance to rules; risk assessment]

  1. Strive to improve customer trust and satisfaction in products and services.
  2. Comply with requirements of laws and standards, as well as agreements with customers.
  3. Continuously improve employees’ skills and awareness, reduce risks caused by behavior.
  4. Identify risks, points of change in duty and working environment; reduce risks through necessary measures.

General Director of Nippon Steel Spiral Pipe Vietnam Co., Ltd.


April 01st, 2023