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March 24, 2020


Steel Rotation Pile (SRP) is a steel pipe pile with helical blade which welded at the pile-tip, leading to ease installation, high bearing capacity, and large pulling resistance.

NS ECO-PILETM is one of the SRP, which was developed in Japan and the most applied SRP.

Shape (*)

Features (*)

Eco-friendly piling method
During construction, a machine rotates the pile, and the blade on the edge performs digging that drives the pile into the ground like a wood-screw. So, low noise, low vibration, no waste soil and no ground pollution occur.

High reliability and quality
Large bearing capacity and pulling resistance capacity, thanks to the helical blade.

High applicable to severe construction conditions
Small area, nearby existing structure, requirement for small foundations.

Standardization method

TCVN and design guideline was already published

Benefits when using NS ECO-PILETM

  • Low noise and vibration
  • No surplus soil
  • No effects on ground water
  • Reduction of construction time and area


Specific project: Hoang Minh Giam flyover bridge in Ha Noi city used NS ECO-PILE TM

Pile: Outside diameter D600mm, maximum length 44.5m

(*) Citation: NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION “STEEL PIPE PILES” (K011en_01_201904p)