March 25, 2019

Formosa Son Duong Ha Tinh, Central of Vietnam

Formosa 2

– Project name: Son Duong Port

– Location: Vung Ang, Ha Tinh, Vietnam

– Characteristic & Specification: JIS A5525 Steel Pipe Pile SKK490-MOD & JIS A5530 Steel Pipe Sheet Pile SKY490-MOD

– Dimensions:

  • Ø900mm x t19mm x L20.0m, 26.0m
  • Ø1000mm x t14mm x L23.0m

Son Duong deep water port will be located in the sea area of Ha Tinh Province. The port is shared its border with Vung Ang Port in the North, Son Duong island in the South.

This is one of ever biggest FDI projects in steel industry in Vietnam by blast furnace invested by Formosa Plastic group (Taiwan-China).

In addition, this is the deep water ports with about 10 terminals, capable of accommodating 30,000DWT vessels; there also exist gas facilities, steel mills. Once completion, they shall contribute greatly to the economic development of Ha Tinh and nearby regions.